17 June 2017

Village des Bories, Gordes, Vaucluse (84)

There are about four hundred bories (from the Occitan bòria, meaning dry stone hut) in the Gordes countryside. The building began in the 17th century and intensified in the 18th, when the increasing population forced the peasant community to find accommodation outside their villages of origin. The buildings consisted of dwellings, pigsties, sheep and goat pens, and the inhabitants also cultivated olives, vines, cereals, etc. The bories below were abandoned in the 19th century, and restored between 1969 and 1976: the achievements here owe much to the dedication of the poet Paul Viala.

The threshing area.

An oven.

A sheep pen.

A dwelling.

A pigsty.

A goat pen.

A storage area.

A trough.

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