27 June 2017

The Outsider Art of Léopold Truc, Cabrières d'Avignon, Vaucluse (34)

Léopold Truc is something of a mystery. He is said to have been an agriculturalist born in Cabrières d'Avignon in 1912, although the date of his death is uncertain. It's also uncertain if this (very difficult to find) place is still visitable, as the bureau de tourisme was closed on our visit. Internet posts give conflicting accounts of its (non-)visitability, although it is clear that some people have (illegally) invited themselves onto the land to take photos. Clearly there is much more to be seen here than from an outside view, although I only took my photos from the gravel path outside. Léopold Truc called his creation 'Paradis', although the first letter is almost non-existent. Facteur Cheval's Palais Idéal this certainly isn't, but it's fascinating all the same:

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