15 June 2017

Musée Boby Lapointe, Pézenas, Hérault (34)

Molière and singer-songwriter, author and mathematician Boby Lapointe in Pézenas are really two different stories, being centuries apart as they are, so we'll ignore Moliére's friend the barbier Gély for the moment and just concentrate on Boby.

Inside the Musée Boby Lapointe. An obvious allusion here to 'La Mamam des poissons', probably Boby's best known song, which is a pity for vegetarians like myself as his main joke is that, like the mother's children, he really likes her, only with lemon.

As I said in a previous post about Boby and the helicon: 'pon pon pon pon'.

Boby's bibi binaire. What do I know? Enough said.

A photo of Georges Brassens and Boby, although Boby is hidden behind his own bust.

Le Cheval d'Or, where a screening of a documentary on Boby is shown. The only member of the audience is Isabel, who'd never heard of Boby before I raved about him.

I suspect this is a fanciful representation of a stamp never published, but who am I to say? Very recently, Le Monde included Boby in its Les géants de la chanson series. And quite right too.

Truffaut's weird film starring Charles Asnavour. And Boby Lapointe, of course.

And Boby Lapointe even has his own wine.

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