19 June 2017

Le Musée Extraordinaire de Georges Mazoyer, Ansouis, Vaucluse (84)

Georges Mazoyer (born 1925) was a deep-sea diver, painter, sculptor, collector and many more things. In 1956 he bought this 16th century property in Ansouis and turned it into a museum in 1975. It contains his collections of sea creatures and shells, his paintings, and numerous other things. In Provence, this is a must to visit: forget the usual tourist attractions. But to begin with the most interesting part of the museum: La Grotte blue aux coraux:

Mazoyer also used to create fishy characters from stones.

The original stonework on the ground floor is much the same as when Mazoyer bought it. Many of his paintings are displayed around the museum:

An example of the collection of sea objects, etc.

The stairway leading to Georges Mazoyer's atelier.

And the atelier itself.

Today George Mazoyer's daughter on son-in-law make ceramics in the atelier, such as these cheese holders.

The original oven, which bakes the ceramics at 1000 degrees.

The chimney in the atelier.

Outside, there is a number of huge creations of Mazoyer's, sea-based of course.

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