8 November 2013

Théodore Koenig: Père Lachaise Columbarium #21

'Grand poète', Théodore Koenig (1922–97)? A great joke, surely? I can't find out much about him. He was a Belgian, although the Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique doesn't have any of his work. But the Bibliothèque nationale de France certainly calls him a poet, and an essayist, and although they seem not to have (m)any of his writings they have a number of his abstract collages, which the surrealist Koening perhaps intended as poems. Certainly the titles sound, er, interesting: Concerto for Épinard ('Concerto for Spinach', 1990); Le Melon mémorisateur ('The Melon Memoriser', 1990); Nuit sur le tigre ('Night on the Tiger', 1991), etc. Lucio Mad (see the post immediately below) seems perfectly sane.

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