7 November 2013

Rirette Maîtrejean, née Anna Estorges: Père Lachaise Columbarium #12

Rirette Maîtrejean (1887–1968) is yet another anarchist, and one who went through at least her earlier life with a series of partners (including Victor Serge) and a great number of (perhaps not always completely legal) activities. Spartacus Educational provides a decent enough introduction to her life, and the link to the article (in English) is below.
Maîtrejean wrote for a number of periodicals, but her lasting written monument is quite an early autobiography, written in 1913 but apparently published several times: Souvenirs d'anarchie : la vie quotidienne au temps de la bande à Bonnot à la veille de 1914.
Rirette Maîtrejean

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