10 June 2016

Albert Camus in Lourmarin, including Lourmarin Cemetery #3

A view of Lourmarin from near the cemetery where Albert Camus is buried.

The Rue Albert Camus is in the centre of  the village.

Camus's house, bought on the proceeds of his Nobel prize, although he died a mere one year and two months afterwards in a car crash in Villeblevin in Michel Gallimard's flash (and as it happened, dangerous) Facel-Vega: the creation of Jean Daninos, the writer Pierre's brother. Camus's daughter Catherine lives here and has apparently been plagued by enthusiasts.

The Café de l'Ormeau, where Camus used to drink.

Next door is the Ollier hôtel-restaurant, where Camus used to eat, and in fact where he ate with his wife Francine and Michel Gallimard on 2 January 1960, the day before Gallimard and Albert Camus died.

The plaque translates as 'The author of "The Plague" settled in Lourmarin in 1958. He has lain here since 1960.

The graves of Albert Camus and his wife Francine in the cemetery in Lourmarin.

1913 – 1966'

1914 – 1979'

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