14 February 2021

Sasie Sealy's Lucky Grandma (2019)


This prime slice of (brilliantly acted) hokum is highly unusual in that the main character Grandma (Tsai Chin) was almost 85 at the time it was made, and she is in almost every scene: in fact, the film wouldn't exist without her. 

Grandma smokes her way through most of the movie, and lives a very dangerous life. Her husband having left her with almost nothing, she draws out that almost nothing and takes a bus to an Atlantic City casino because her fortune teller has told her that 28 October will be her lucky day. 

It is and it isn't, as she loses all her money, but on the way back the stranger sitting next to her dies, his bag falls into her hands, she keeps it, and finds that the bag contains a fortune. Trouble is, this gets her involved with the Chinese mafia, she has to employ a bodyguard, go through a great deal of potentially life-threatening episodes, but well, she has to come out intact, even if it means moving in with her son and his wife in the end.

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