18 October 2015

Paris 2015: Jean Moréas, Cimetière du Père-Lachaise #23

This stone is not entirely legible, although I can just about make out that it correctly states that Jean Moréas was born in Greece (and to be exact it was Athens) in 1886. It also states he died in 1910 in Paris, which is more or less correct, although strictly speaking it was Saint-Mandé in what is now Val-de-Marne.

Jean Moréas was a self-styled symbolist poet who wrote in French, having received a French education and moving to Paris in 1875. He established the periodical Le Symboliste in 1886 with Paul Adam and Gustave Kahn. The works he is best known for are Les Syrtes (1884), Cantilènes (1886) and Stances (1899).

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