8 October 2015

Paris 2015: Georges Moustaki, Cimetière du Père-Lachaise #2

The grave of Georges Moustaki (1933–2013), still almost hidden by floral tributes more than two years after his death. Moustaki was born in Egypt of Greek Italian-speaking parents and was a brilliant singer-songwriter. He wrote songs for Barbara, Yves Montand, Serge Reggiani...and Édith Piaf, with whom he had a short relationship and for whom he wrote the words to one of her most famous songs: 'Milord'. He lived on Île Saint-Louis and was a friend of the also Egyptian-born Albert Cossery, who 'worked' – if that word can be applied to Cossery without insulting his name – with him on Jacques Poitrenaud's film version of Mendiants et Orgueilleux, released in 1972. Amusingly, Moustaki also used to take Cossery for a spin on his motor bike.
One of Moustaki's best known songs is 'Le Métèque', which is also the title of one of his albums. This clip shows a young Moustaki miming half-heartedly to it, and both his style and the words give a clear idea of his sexy appeal: Georges Moustaki: 'Le Métèque'.

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