8 October 2015

Paris 2015: Armando Llamas, Cimetière du Père-Lachaise #3

'Armando LLAMAS
1950 – 2003'
Unlike the flat Montparnasse and (outside the center of Paris) Thais, Montrouge and Bagneux cemeteries, the hilly Père-Lachaise is chaotic and it's common to stumble quite by chance across names of people unknown to you. Like Armando Llamas, for instance.
There are perhaps four hundred names in the new guide leaflet to Père-Lachaise, but Armando Llamas isn't one of them. Llamas was born in Spain although his parents emigrated to Argentina when he was one year old. He was a dramatist who wrote in both Spanish and French, France being the country he eventually settled in in 1973. His works include Lisbeth est complètement pétée, Gustave n'est pas moderne, Tahafôt al Tahafôt, 14 pièces piégées, Meurtres de la Princesse juive, Pièces autobiographiques, L'Amour renaît des os brûlés des Sodomites, No way Veronica. He died of AIDS.

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