26 April 2021

Christian-Jaque's Babette s'en va-t-en guerre | Babette Goes to War (1959)

It's 1940 and the young and naive Babette (Brigitte Bardot) finds herself in France libre in London, set on by Lieutenant Gérard de Crécy (Jacques Charrier) as a femme de ménage. Major Fitzpatrick (Ronald Howard) notices that she strongly resembles Hilda, former lover of the German Général von Arenberg (Hannes Messemer): she could therefore be very useful to the English. After training, Babette is parachuted into France with Gérard, although she fails to land at the right time and takes the train to Paris.

She is arrested in a cafe by the head of the Gestapo, Papa Schulz (Francis Blanche), who recognises her resemblance to Hilda. He arranges a meeting with her and Arenberg, whom he suspects of being a traitor to the Nazis. Arenberg is immediately smitten, and goes with Babette to the Duke and Duchess of  Crécy-Lozère: in reality Gérard's parents. Time to kidnap Arenberg and take him to London. Only, the Gestapo have been following...

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