19 June 2014

The Sedgwick Pie, Stockbridge, MA

The remarkable 'Sedgwick Pie' is in Stockbridge Cemetery, Massachusetts, and is very difficult to photograph in its entirety. The lawyer Theodore Sedgwick (1746–1813) and his wife Pamela Sedgwick (1753–1807) are at the center above, with other relatives, servants, and even pets grouped around in concentric circles. Below I include only two more in the pie, although I shall include more in the next few weeks or so.

Dec. 28, 1789.
dies July 31, 1867.'

Catharine Maria Sedgwick was a very popular author of the day who had for some time been almost forgotten, although attempts to restore her work and spread knowledge of her progressive views (particularly with regard to abolition and female independence) continue to be successful. She wrote nine novels.

known by the name of
died Dec. 28th 1829.
Her supposed age
was 85 Years.
She was born a slave and
remained a slave for nearly
thirty years. She could nei-
ther read nor write, yet in
her own sphere she had no
superior nor equal. She nei-
ther wasted time' nor property.
She never violated a trust, nor
failed to perform a duty.
In every situation of domes-
tic trial, she was the most effi-
cient helper and the tenderest
friend. Good mother, farewell.'

Mumbet, or Mum Bett, served as a parent – a mother in particular – to the Sedgwick children during their biological mother's illness and the absence to their busy father. Several books have been written about this amazing former slave.

The tribute stones here are evidence of the enduring respect people retain for Mum Bett.

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