18 October 2013

Karl Wood, George Green and Simple Films Limited at Bromley House Library, Nottingham

This morning I was interviewed about Karl Wood by Stuart Cresswell, the Managing Director of Simple Films Limited, Welsford, Nova Scotia, Canada, in the splendid setting of the George Green Room at Bromley House, Nottingham. Stuart and crew are on the point of completing the filming of the hour-long The Mühlendämmerungs of Karl Salsbury Wood, a part-biography of the bookish windmill artist Wood, so this was a highly appropriate background.

The George Green Room with, from left to right: Paul Allen (Camera), Stuart Cresswell, and Charley Cresswell (Sound).

I also took the opportunity to photograph a few things that had escaped my attention when I last came here in June this year. Above is a representation of the plaque in Westminster Abbey, placed there on 16 July 1993, just two days after the bicentenary of the birth of George Green, who was a member of the library from 1823 to 1833.

Mrs Jane Moth (1824–1900), née Jane Smith, was George Green's eldest daughter.

Due to building works in June I was unable to get a decent view of the garden, but now there's a view of the back of Bromley House Library unhindered by scaffolding.

The garden of Bromley House Library.

An impressive 'mean time' sundial. A page of explanation is attached to it, but this is science so I won't run the risk of making a cock-up of a précis of it.

A very enjoyable morning: I look forward to the screening of the film and thank the crew for their relaxed style and their hospitality.

Thanks also to Dr Rowena Edlin-White and Carol Barstow for making this venue possible, and to the rest of the staff there today for their enthusiastic welcome.

Bromley House Library, Nottingham
Windmill Wood: A Biography of Midlands Artist Karl Salsbury Wood

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