21 October 2013

The Graves of David Jones and Tarrida del Mármol

When I first visited Brockley and Ladywell cemeteries two years ago I easily found Ernest Dowson's grave, but couldn't find another two I wanted to see. Luckily, the Vice-Chair of the Friends of Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries, Mike Guilfoyle, saw my blog post (linked below) and gave me directions to the graves.
The headstone, to Alice Ann Jones and James Jones, David's parents who lived in Brockley, is by Eric Gill.
The circular plaque is inscribed to the daughter (David's sister) Alice Mary Hyne (1891- 1974) and David himself (1895–1974).
Just a few rows behind David Jones's grave is that of Fernando Tarrida del Mármol, plus his children and his wife who all died in 1900.
Because of the problems with Spanish surnames for non-Hispanics (such as many of them being two words derived from the surname of both the father and the mother), I looked at the website of the Biblioteca Nacional de España for references to this writer's works, and it gives the surname as Tarrida del Mármol (1861–1915).

Mike Guilfoyle gives brief biographical details of Tarrida del Mármol (linked below), and it's interesting that this relatively unknown (at least to me) anarchist stayed with Kropotkin and Louise Michel in Bromley, and 'went on Publicity tours with Kier Hardie and [erm] Ramsey MacDonald'.

I couldn't resist a link to my Louise Michel post either.

Ernest Dowson, Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries
Fernando [Tarrida] del Marmol
Louise Michel in Levallois-Perret


O.F.E. said...

I hadn't had any luck finding David Jones' grave until I saw your post on Ernest Dowson and the helpful instructions on how to locate it in the comments. I got interested in Jones because of the connection with Eric Gill. I couldn't find Tarrida del Marmol though, but it was raining and I was in a hurry to be somewhere else.

Dr Tony Shaw said...

If you visit the area again (and preferably before the spring when the vegetation is less pronounced) it's clearly visible from Jones's grave, slightly (I seem to remember) to the right.