15 February 2013

A Wood by Karl Wood (?)

David Essom of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, sends me this intriguing image of a windmill landscape painting which bears many of the hallmarks of the paintings by the artist Karl Salsbury Wood (1888–1958), who was born in Kings Newton, Derbyshire, and spent most of his life in Gainsborough.
The strange thing, though, is that the painting isn't signed the usual 'K S WOOD' (as in another example below) but 'A. WOOD'. But the above signature seems to come from the same hand, suggesting that Karl Wood was having a little joke by calling this 'a Wood' painting. This may well be a one-off, but if anyone is aware of any other paintings by 'A. Wood', then please let's hear of them. Maybe this is a tall order, but it would also be useful if anyone could identify the location of the painting.
More information about Karl Wood, particularly my biography, can be found be entering his name in the Blogger slug to the top left of this blog.

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Malta History Paintings said...

This is a 'Paint by numbers' which I did in oils in my youth and again recently in acrylics.

The name of the painting is 'Windmill at Brugues'.
that is Brugge.

John Scerri