2 December 2012

Ruth Bryan (continued)

This sketch of Ruth Bryan (1805–60), 'Ruth the Gleaner', was drawn from memory by Margaret Lacey. This is taken from the frontispiece of the book whose title-page is shown below, and I am once more grateful to Rowena Edlin-White for sending it me, along with almost all of the additional information that I include here.

The Field of Boaz: Gleanings by Ruth Bryan (London: The Society of SS. Peter & Paul, 1927) is a version of the diary of Ruth Bryan (a Calvinist) which was heavily edited by Frederic Spurr (a Baptist). The Lacey family was well known to Bryan, and Anglo-Catholic Thomas Alexander Lacey (1853–1931) wrote the Preface to this book which was published nearly seventy years after her death. Lacey had been appointed canon residentiary of Worcester Cathedral in 1918, and caused quite an uproar by denying that the Bible is the word of God.

General Cemetery records state that Ruth's father (who died in 1823) and her mother (who died in 1846) were buried with her.

Ruth Bryan died at 18 High Pavement, Nottingham, probably on the site of the old police station next to the Galleries of Justice.

Below is a link to an earlier post I made about Ruth Bryan after discovering her grave.
Ruth Bryan (1805–1860)

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