5 December 2012

Karl Wood update

Carlton le Morland windmill, Lincolnshire
I've just added several photos to my biography (linked below), the most notable being the photo postcard Tom Sunderland gave me of the 1923 (or thereabouts) choir outing to Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, in which a dapper Karl Wood makes a very rare appearance. I shall also get round to including the footnotes I left out.
It seems almost a lifetime ago that I initially carried out research for Karl Wood's biography, and my intention was to write another edition. However, for a number of reasons (the main one being the sheer lack of lives I can fit into one), I shall have to merely add things online in due course: the advantages of this are that far more people will be able to read this online (the potential readership being vast), and of course the internet is a wonderful palimpsest – things can be added and corrected ad infinitum.

Since Windmill Wood a large number of people have written to me, often only making a brief comment on their experience of Wood in the Gainsborough area, but it all adds up, and I shall be making a long post incorporating these observations, probably in a quite loose as opposed to structured fashion, although I shall certainly add a few short articles – one on Wood in Lincoln Prison, the other on Wood in Nottingham – that I published in small circulation magazines some years ago. That will not be for several more months as I have a busy schedule early next year, but it will certainly be in 2013.

Windmill Wood

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