13 September 2012

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens: London #27

The boy who would not grow up
Sculptor Sir George Frampton R. A. 1860 – 1928
This bronze, a gift of Sir James Barrie OM 1860 – 1937
the creator of Peter Pan, was placed here
1st May 1912'

The representation of Peter Pan standing on a tree stump was Barrie's surprise 'May-day gift' to children, and he had been planning it for some time: several years previously Barrie had the young Michael Llewelyn Davies dress up as Peter Pan for him to photograph so that the author could give the future sculptor a good idea of his intentions.

Around the base are a number of fairies and animals, although I'm not too certain what this one is doing.

Two fairies are delighted by a friendly squirrel.

This fairy seems surprised or enraptured.

This fairy seems spellbound by something, and she appears to be looking up Peter's tunic.

A family of mice near the bottom of the statue.

And a rather cute rabbit.
Below is a link to the book which is also the title of my blog post, plus a link to another post I made about Barrie.

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, by J. M. Barrie
J. M. Barrie in Nottingham

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