8 May 2012

Robson Cezar's Bottle Tops at The Bell, Middlesex Street, London

The often fascinating book Spitalfields Life (2012) by the enigmatic The Gentle Author, along with the daily blog that inspired it, has informed me of a number of things in and around the Spitalsfields area, one of them being the artwork on The Bell pub.

The Bell is in Middlesex Street (or Petticoat Lane), and its fascia ('YOU CAN RING MY [...] DING DONG') was crafted by Brazilian artist Robson Cezar, who now lives in Spitalfields with his studio at Tower Bridge, where he works on his bottle tops, of which The Gentle Author says that over 6000 were used on the pub.

In a self-conscious stance with his coat draped over one shoulder, Cezar posed in a photo that echoes that of his artistic Brazilian predecessor Hélio Oiticica (1937–1980).

A detail of Cezar's bottle top work on the pub.

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