8 May 2012

Mark Gertler in Spitalfields, London

32 Elder Street, Spitalfields.

lived here'

Gertler inspired several writers to include representations of him in their novels: in D. H. Lawrence's Women in Love, Loerke's huge frieze is modelled on Gertler's painting Merry-Go-Round; Huxley's Gombauld in Chrome Yellow is modelled on him, in which he is described as 'a black-haired young corsair of thirty, with flashing teeth and luminous dark eyes'; and Gilbert Cannan's Mendel: A Story of youth (1916) bases his central character on Gertler's early life, including his relationship with Dora Carrington and C. R. W. Nevinson.
Below is a link to a post I later made when I returned here to take a photo of the coal hole cover sculpture I missed:
Mark Gertler's Merry-Go-Round in Spitalfields

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