17 October 2009

Irondale, Birmingham, Alabama: Fannie Flagg: Literary Landmarks of the Southern United States, #5

This is the original, and elsewhere I've given as a sign of insanity that someone – namely me – should make a round trip of about 200 miles (from Montgomery) just to visit the café for a green salad and a coffee, which I did and am still very pleased to have done. We even thought nothing of waiting in the car for thirty minutes until a goods train driver decided to move on, allowing us to reach the café on the other side of the road. How can a person explain this behavior? How is it possible to be sane and travel 200 miles for this, for the photos of the film Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop around the walls, the photos of Jessica Tandy, Kathy Bates, Fannie Flagg, etc., around the walls? For me, it's not only the film (which I love), but the book, with the Weems Weekly, the less subdued lesbian content, but most of all the love that went into the book and that was left out in the (admittedly brilliant) movie. So how good does that make the book?

The movie was made in the café in Juliette, Georgia, and although we passed very near there on our return to Atlanta, we didn't bother to pay a visit.

Ours is the Toyota Yaris, which got us through the 4000 miles.

The train station.

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