8 October 2009

Dr Shaw does America

Dr Tony Shaw and long-time companion Penny share the tasks: he does literature, she's pretty good with a mallet!

Freak thunderstorms, dodgy internet connections and...(are you listening FBI?)..., have postponed his own account, but watch out for:-
News of Sidney Lanier, born in Macon Georgia and famed author of 'The Marshes of Glynn'.

Lanier was also noted for his use of logaoedic dactyls, greatly admired by Longfellow as a poetic form.

An account of Eatonton Georgia and Joel Chandler Harris. Can Tony top Teddy Roosevelt's comment? Harris accepted an invitation to the White House by President Theodore Roosevelt. Two years earlier, Roosevelt had said, "Presidents may come and presidents may go, but Uncle Remus stays put. Georgia has done a great many things for the Union, but she has never done more than when she gave Mr. Joel Chandler Harris to American literature!"

I don't recall Beavis and Butthead ever doing Eatonton...

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