3 January 2022

Jean Rollin's Le Frisson des vampires | Shivers of the Vampires (1970)

Le Frisson des vampires is Jean Rollin's third film, following Le Viol du vampire and La Vampire nue, but although it's another vampire film it's a little more subdued than the two former ones. The marriage between Ise (Sandra Julien) and Antoine (Jean-Marie Durand) isn't yet consummated, and just before their honeymoon they leave for Normandy to visit Ise's cousins Hermann (Michel Delahaye) and William (Jacques Robiolles), who live(d?) in a former fortress near the sea. But although the couple are informed of the recent death of the cousins, that's not quite true, and of course we're in vampire territory again. It would take far too much time to go into further details, but suffice to say that this is Jean Rollin some time before his porno period. But still erotic? Well, according to the definition of the seventies, yes.

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