10 December 2021

Benoît Jacquot's À tout de suite | Right Now (2004)

À tout de suite, based on Élizabeth Fanger's true story J'avais dix-huit ans and in grainy black and white, very much has a Nouvelle Vague air about it. Set in 1975, this film shows the bored art student Lili (Isild Le Besco) – who comes from a comfortable middle-class background – falling under the charms of the Moroccan Bada (Ouassini Embarek). On learning that he is a bank robber from watching the news on TV, she doesn't hesitate in leaving home with Bada, his partner Alain (Nicolas Duvauchelle) and his girlfriend Joelle (Laurence Cordier).

They pass the border into France with ease and live it up with the stolen money, but hide it in their clothing when moving on to Morocco, until Lili gets stuck at the customs in Greece and inevitably loses track of Bada and the others. Lili is the hero of a story which doesn't like heros: she doesn't lead, she's led, and neither Bada nor Lili are in fact named in the film itself.

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