8 October 2021

Le Dragon de Calais in Calais (62), Pas-de-Calais (62)

As I stated last year when I first saw Le Dragon de Calais, which wasn't at the time operational because this was just a day before lockdown in March 2020, François Delarozière is the artistic director of the company La Machine, and is particularly known for Machines de l'île de Nantes. But today, as we walked towards the promenade we could see indications that there was about to be something happening, so we waited. And the wait paid off because the dragon soon emerged from its home and went for a walk, roaring, smoking from the nostrils, occasionally breathing fire and pissing water from its tail at the enthusiasic crowd. Not being a person for rides, I nevertheless checked the price on the website: €9.50 for an hour*, but then this is France: imagine what inflated prices the National Trust would charge if this were within their field!

*The original time mentioned has been altered following the very welcome comment by La Compagnie du Dragon below: I wasn't looking at my watch!


Compagnie du Dragon said...

Thank you for mentioning our dragon and the work of François Delaroziere ! The dragon trip is actually one hour long, boarding and landing included. The show is free for all on the ground but yes, having a complete guided tour with comments and the full story of our creatures is 9,50€ for adults, 6,50€ for children and free for kids under 4.

We would be really honored to welcome you on board next time !

La Compagnie du Dragon

Dr Tony Shaw said...

Many thanks for this comment - length of trip now altered!