10 March 2021

Bruno Dumont's P'tit Quinquin : Episode 2 : Au cœur du mal (2014)

A second cow is found on the beach by the incompetent cops Van der Weyden and Carpentier, the assistant opens the cow's body, Van der Weyden looks sick, and yes there's a second cut up human body in the animal. P'tit Quinquin looks on from the cliff above. It's later discovered that the cow, like the first one, belonged to Monsieur Lebleu, whose wife's cut up body was in the first cow in the bunker. Also, mad cows can eat humans. Furthermore, the second body is of Mme Lebleu's black lover.

But P'tit Quinquin and friends (especially Ève) probably take up more footage than the murders, and there are scenes in which P'tit Quinquin fights with a couple of youths who have stolen his found World War II grenade, etc. There's also a scene of a concert in the village, where Aurélie (Lisa Hartmann) again delivers the song she sang at Mme Lebleu's funeral service, although this time with a band.

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