2 April 2017

Marjorie Ozanne, Vale, Guernsey

1897 – 1973.'

Marjorie Ozanne was born in Vale and wrote stories and poems in Guernesiaise, particularly for La Gazette de Guernesey in the 1920s, and the Guernsey Evening Press between 1949 and 1965. She was the daughter of a verger of Vale Church, and when he was ill took on his duties there. She founded the world's first bird hospital in Les Cordeliers, Guernsey, where she lived with her companion Nell Littlefield. Ken Hill translated her works, although he had the knowledge to realise the problems of translation and included Ozanne's work simultaneously with his own. She was buried in an unmarked grave until the Société Guernesiaise discovered it in 1988 and gave it this headstone.

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