25 August 2015

NYC #61: Don Marquis, Maple Grove Cemetery (2), Kew Gardens, Queens

Don Marquis (1878–1937) was a humorist, a novelist, a poet, and a journalist who in the early part of his career was an assistant editor to Joel Chandler Harris. E. B. White found him very funny, and he was much respected by the Algonquin Round Table. His publications include the novels Danny's Own Story (1912), Cruise of the Jasper B. (1916), Pandora Lifts the Lid (1924), Off the Arm (1930), and Sons of the Puritans (1939); his short stories include Carter and Other People (1921), The Revolt of the Oyster (1922), When the Turtles Sing (1928), Chapters for the Orthodox (1934), and Sun Dial Time (1936); and his poems include Dreams & Dust (1915), Poems and Portraits (1922), Sonnets to a Red-Haired Lady and Famous Love Affairs (1922), and The Awakening (1924).

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