4 May 2014

Victoria Baths, Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester

Victoria Baths on Hathersage Road, Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester opened in 1906 and were closed by Manchester City Council in 1993 in spite of a vigorous campaign against closure. In 2003 the baths won an award of £3,500,000 towards restoration, and Victoria Baths Trust aims eventually to re-open at least one pool and the Turkish Baths suite. The images below give an indication of what the outcry was about.
Initially Victoria Baths were divided into three categories: the males' bath, first class; the males' bath, second class; and the females' bath.
At the moment the baths are only open for heritage visits at limited times in the week, and the former females' entrance is now used as the main entrance. This window facing the visitor entrance is dedicated to the English Channel swimmer Sunny Lowry (1911–2008).
Several of the windows include representations of people playing different sports. This golfing image is in what was once the waiting room for female users of the baths.
Also here is the Aeratone, a therapeutic bath giving a water massage. It was invented by Professor William Oliver, installed here in 1952 and still in use in 1993, the year Victoria Baths closed.
The Aeratone control panel.
The pool for females.
The cubicles in the pool for females.
I know nothing of the history of this seaside photo board!

Another sporting scene, this time with boxers.
An example of the tilework.
The males' pool, second class.
A stained class window opposite the superintendent's living room on the first floor.
Looking down from the stairs at the top of the males' pool, first class.
The males' pool, first class.
Part of the Turkish Baths suite.
 The central window, plus detail, in the Turkish Rest Room.

Side windows in the Turkish Rest Room.
And wrestling in the toilet.

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