4 March 2012

George Green in Sneinton, Nottingham

The grave of the mathematical physicist George Green (1793–1841), whose influential work An Essay on the Application of Mathematical Analysis to the Theories of Electricity and Magnetism, was published in 1829.

'[...] George Green Esq. B A
Fellow of Caius College Cambridge
(Son of the above George and
Sarah Green) who departed this
life on the 31st. of May 1841
Aged 47 years.'

The grave is in St Stephen's Church, Sneinton, which is incidentally where D. H. Lawrence's parents Arthur and Lydia were married on 27 December 1875.

This is Green's Mill, a few paces from the churchyard and built on land bought in 1807 by Green's father, a wealthy Nottingham baker. This is a link to a YouTube account of Green's work by a breathless Professor Roger Bowley, who – of Green's relationship with Jane Smith, the windmill manager's daughter and Green's commonlaw wife – says 'they had a good time, having seven children'! But I don't think his geography's spot on: Sneinton 'in the middle of Nottingham'? Well, not exactly.

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