6 March 2011

Laurent Mauvignier's: Ce que j'appelle oubli (2011)

I've yet to read Laurent Mauvignier's short story Ce que j'appelle oubli (literally 'What I Call oblivion'), which has just been published and is loosely based on the killing of Michaël Blaise in December 2009 at the Part Dieu branch of Carrefour, Lyons, France, by security staff: he had been asphyxiated by pressure on his rib cage.

All this was over the theft of a can of beer. Blaise was reported by the media as being 'SDF' ('sans domicile fixe'), or NFA, which was untrue according to his cousin, and he had been suffering from depression after the death of his father. A book review and video clips about the killing are here.

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