14 September 2010

Larkin's Toads re-re-re-Visited as Horses (but only Briefly), Aiken, South Carolina: Southern Literary Tour, Part Two: #22

Aiken is very much about horses, and fiberglass models are liberally sprinkled about the town as are the bears in Cherokee, North Carolina, and the Larkin toads in Hull, England. I didn't attack the subject with the same gusto, though, as James Mathewes Legare and the Pickens-Salley House were my main concerns. Also, a passerby informed us that a number of the horses had been bought, so it would have been impossible to photograph them all. Consequently, I just took images of those I spotted - there isn't a great deal else to do on Sundays in Aiken!
Magnolia Mare.

Steed Freedom.

Horse of a Different Color.

Palmetto/American Equine.


Unfortunately, I missed the name of this one .

These two horses are very different from the others, of course, and probably come from a different generation. And they don't appear to have a name.

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