31 August 2010

The Cherokee Bears, North Carolina: Southern Literary Tour, Part Two: #4

All right, this has almost nothing to do with literature, but the similarities between the Cherokee bears and the Larkin toads in Hull are so great, and the fun we received just doing the toads was so great, that we just couldn't resist repeating the thing here in North Carolina. Not that any excuse is needed anyway...

The main difference between the painted bears on and around the streets of Cherokee, U.S.A, and those on the streets of Kingston-upon-Hull, England, is that those in Hull are only there for ten weeks, whereas some of those in Cherokee have been there for a few years, the first one being placed in 2005. Twenty-five fiberglass bears were originally commissioned, although as yet only 19 have been released. It's certain that the bears stand a far better chance of survival here in any case: Cherokee is completely dry, but Hull, er, isn't.

The 'Painted Bear Trail' numbers the bears in alphabetical order, a system I follow. The information following the name of the bear denotes its location in Cherokee.

#1. Bear on the Little Tennessee River, Native American Crafts.

#2. Big Cove Bear, Smoky Mountain Plaza.

#3. Cherokee Sunset Bear, Qualla Arts and Crafts.

#4. Children's Mixed Bear, Cherokee Youth Center.

#5. Eagle Dancer Bear, Historical Association.

#6. Fair Bear, Fair Grounds.

#7. Fish Bear, Islands Park.

#8. Flora and Fauna Bear, Saunooke Kiosk.

#9. Forefathers, BP Station.

#10. Harmony of Life, Downtown Kiosk.

#11. Legendary Sunrise, formerly in front of the Cherokee Welcome Center, has been put in storage due to road works.

#12. Patriot Bear, Memorial Park.

#13. Pottery Bear, Fairgrounds and Museum.

#14. Sequoyah SyllaBeary, Museum of the Cherokee Indian. The headgear and the pipe are of course familiar from the well known picture of Sequoyah.

#15. The Bear Chief, Food Lion, Brushy Creek.

#16. The Legends Bear, Smoky Mountain Fly Fishing.

#17. Tourist Bear, inside Saunooke Mill, now a souvenir shop.

#18. The Trail of Tears and 7 Clans Bear, Subway. Now under repair.

#19. Winter Bear, Holiday Inn.


KBear said...

Can you provide me with any info on where I could purchase one of the unpainted bears.
Thanks you so very much.

Dr Tony Shaw said...

Sorry, but I've no idea. Maybe the Cherokee Chamber of Commerce could help here, although I imagine that they were made to order. Perhaps someone else will read this and be able to help you.

Dr Tony Shaw said...

By accident I removed a genuine post informing us that as of 13 July 2018 there are only 15 bears available for viewing. I sincerely apologise to the person who posted, but if they would like to repost the same information I promise that there will be no deletion next time (apart from deletion of my comment here!)

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