7 March 2010

The Grave of the Poet Robert Millhouse (1788-1839), Nottingham, England

The poet Robert Millhouse has been mentioned here before when I detailed the writers remembered at Nottingham Castle, although I didn't say anything of his grave in the General Cemetery, Nottingham, Canning Circus, against the Talbot Street wall. Finding the grave of Millhouse - who lived in Walker Street, Sneinton, Nottingham, in a house demolished some time ago - was not difficult, but removing the layers of ivy from it was, and the stone is showing some signs of deterioration.

The gravestone records that he wrote the poems 'The Destinies of Man', 'Sherwood Forest', 'The Song of the Patriot', and 'Blossom'. The following verse of Spencer T. Hall's is written at the bottom:

'When Trent shall flow no more and blossoms fail
On Sherwood's plains to scent the springtide gale;
When the lark's lay shall lack its thrilling charm,
And song forget the Briton's soul to warm:
And love o'er youthful hearts hath lost its sway,
Thy fame, O Bard, shall pass - but not till then - away.'

Harp and laurel wreath.

Writers and literary associations in Nottingham General Cemetery:

Robert Goodacre (1777–1835)
Ruth Bryan (1805–1860)
Sarah Ann Agnes Turk (1859–1927)
Annie Matheson (1853–1924)
Josiah Gilbert (1814–1892)
Anthony Hervey (c. 1796–1850)
Charles Bell Taylor (1829–1909)
James Prior's Parents
Ann Taylor (1782–1866)
Henry Hogg (1831-74)


Jim Silver said...

I have only found out today that Robert Millhouse is a relative of mine.

He was born and brought up at Mole Court on Milton Street, Nottingham, which was situated where the Victoria Hotel now stands.

Jim Silver

Dr Tony Shaw said...

That is very interesting, Jim, and has prompted me - on finding the reference to Mole Court online - to make another post about Millhouse. Care to say something about how you're related? My email address is as stated on the sidebar, should you wish to contact me directly. Thanks for this.

Tony (anottsquair@hotmail.com)