3 November 2008

The Sarah Palin Prank; or, Lionel Britton, from the Grave, Goes on and on about Monkeys

Elle se faisait avoir; or, Sarah Palin was pranked. OK, but what else did we expect with this Alaskan clown? Let's gloat, though: Palin listens to a phone call from a guy she believes is Nicholas Sarkozy, and believes he's genuine when he's talks about killing animals and his wife being 'very 'ot in bed'. Where were Palin's helpers when 'Sarkozy' very quickly suggested that 'On pourrait tuer des bébés phoques aussi' ('We could kill baby seals too'), and Palin seemed in agreement, or when he translated 'Joe the Plumber' as 'Du rouge à lèvres sur une cochonne' ('Lipstick on a female pig' – or sow)? I think Obama's men would have been way ahead of these comedians, and after all, isn't that exactly what's gonna happen tomorrow?

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