3 October 2008

Two Blairs Down, One Brown to Go. And Then for the Rest of New Labour


Snatch51 said...

This cartoon is hideous in some ways, and goes to the 'kill' propensity in humankind.

Dr Tony Shaw, a pacifist himself, has allowed the topic onto his personal blog.
The dead, bloody trophy is hardly a new theme in historiography, and has even appeared in the US election of 2008!

Cartoons have been handling blood and excrement more succinctly than text for at least three hundred years, while skewering our supposed masters into the bargain.

This image encapsulates truth, yet nudges the urge of the assassin: the animal is out there, wounded...

Let Demos, who gave us the animal, decide what to do with him in due course, but may man's internal beast stay in its cage.

Dr Tony Shaw said...
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Dr Tony Shaw said...

I'll try again without the typo:

Good words, snatch51. I'm sure the parents of Jean Charles de Menezes will find some consolation in the passing of Ian Blair the head cop, but none in the fact that the trigger-happy monsters who murdered him aren't serving a long prison sentence.