25 September 2008

Tryphena Joan Shaw (1922–90)

The internet can amaze at times: take for instance this link to this photo, which is part of a post in The Serendipity Project here:

OK, it's a woman in front of Oliver Cromwell's house in Ely, Cambridgeshire: what's so strange about that? Only that it's my mother, Tryphena Joan Shaw (née Pembleton) and appears to have come from nowhere. There aren't any missing spaces in my photo album, but here's a similar shot (also taken by my father Jim Shaw (1918–99), who also wrote the caption to the photo below) in front of Kings College Chapel, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire: she's wearing the same dress, shoes, and bracelet, so it was presumably taken during the same holiday. Very odd. Fascinating, though.

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