24 February 2008

St George's Theatre, Tufnell Park Road, London

Directly opposite 66 Tufnell Park Road, the house Lionel Britton owned in London, is St George's Theatre. In 2005, when I visited it with my partner Penny Atkinson, its fate was unknown: it was occupied by squatters, one of whom – Laurence, pictured behind the bar in the above photo – very kindly showed us round and told us that the theatre was in danger of being turned back into a church (1). At the time of our visit, there was a very lively anarchistic atmosphere which, I couldn't help mentally noting, would no doubt have pleased Britton. The ironic thing, of course, is that no play of Britton's has ever been performed at the theatre.

I have since emailed the theatre, and have tried Googling to discover what became of it, but without success. Any information would be very welcome.

(1) The church was built in 1875 partly on a model of one in Salonica, Greece; it ceased to be church in 1963, and continued its existence as a theatre for a number of years.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dr Tony Shaw, The theater has now been bought by a church called House On The Rock and its has been renovated and it looks beautiful.

Google House on the Rock London

Dr Tony Shaw said...

Thank you very much for letting me know!