29 December 2007

Cyril Britton and Family (at present under continual review)

Cyril was the brother of Lionel Britton. During his early marriage he lived at 19 Luard Street, where he was a journeyman baker and then a draper's porter. Some time later he had a business at 88 William Road, London N.W.1, and later 53 Robert St, Regents Park N.W.1, where he blended incense and manufactured church and sanctuary objects. He married Ada Mary Hunt in 1913. Below (as far as we know) are the children of Cyril and Ada Britton, and (again where known) their grandchildren:

Mary Agnes Kathleen Britton, b. 1913, d. 1914 (at 8 months: marasmus)

Cyril Lancelot Britton, b. 1914, d. 1922 (measles 11 days, broncho-pneumonia 6 days).

Mildred Helen Britton, b. 1916, m. Edward Henry Waugh 1938, d. 1999

Douglas Thomas Martin Britton, b. 1918

Herbert Ronald Britton, b. 1921

Leslie R. Britton, b. 1924

Joan Constance Britton, b. 1926, m. Ronald Arthur (?) Frederick Hall 1947

Peter Robert Dominic Britton, b. 1928, m. Violet May Dangerfield 1953

Eric Michael Britton, b. 1931, d. 1932 (whooping cough)

Dorothy Ruth Britton, b. 1933.

Children of Mildred Helen Waugh and Edward Henry Waugh:

Ronald Edward Waugh, b. 1941

Margaret Mary Waugh, b. 1946, m. Richard G. Law 1966.

Children of Peter Robert Dominic Britton and Violet May Dangerfield:

John R. Britton, b. 1957

Patricia M. Britton, b. 1959

Paul D. Britton, b. 1961

(Many thanks once more to Robert Hughes for digging up all this information.)

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