12 July 2018

Record heat wave (canicule), Épernay, Marne (51)

Surely this has to break so many records? 69 degrees centigrade in Épernay today, and that's in the shade, as there was no sun! I took this shot at around 17:45 French time today, and there's no photoshopping been done: this is what the Pharmacie du pressoir, 24 place Auban Moët, Épernay, registered. I looked up this unbelievable temperature, and a casual glance online only made mention of a record temperature in Iran, plus a reference in Australia to the lawn tennis temperature, and in true Australian masculinist fashion referred to a mere 42 degrees as 'testicle stewing'. Of course, boring reality set in, and we realised that the figure must refer to degrees Fahrenheit, but hasn't been changed!

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