19 July 2018

Boîte à Lire, Épineuil-le-Fleuriel, Cher (18)

This one is called a Cabane à livres, which has a sentence not from Alain-Fournier but from Jules Renard: 'Chacune de nos lectures laisse une graine qui germe' ('Every one of our readings leaves a seed which greminates.') Um. I bagged Pierre Lemaitre's Goncourt-winning Au revoir, là-haut, Claudie Gallay's Les Déferlantes, and, er, Joël Dicker's La Verité sur l'affaire Harry Québert. I say 'er' about Dicker's book as I have my doubts: Bernard Pivot appears to have given it a great review (but what has it left out that Pivot said?), but Yann Moix (for what his opinion is worth) said on ONPC that Dicker's follow-up reads like a YA book. I shall find out what I think in the near future.

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