6 July 2018

Mirabeau in Pertuis, Vaucluse (84)

This is one I forgot when in Provence. Gabriel Riqueti de Mirabeau, often simply known as Mirabeau (1749–91), was a writer (including erotic wrting), diplomat, journalist and politician who played his part in the French Revolution. Although born in Bignon, Loiret, he came from an aristocratic family in Provence, and studied Law in Aix-en-Provence university. His family lived in the square here in Pertuis, which took Mirabeau's name on his death. His Lettres à Sophie, correspondance with his mistress Sophie de Monner written while imprisoned on Vincennes, are amongst his best known writings. Lamartine was greatly impressed by them, and Albert Thibaudet considered them some of his best work. A similar statue of Mirabeau In Aix has been moved several times, and once the arm pointed to the town hall toilets in Aix. There is also a bust of him in the nearby town of Mirabeau.

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