18 July 2018

Le Cimetière de Vézelay, Yonne (89) #1: Georges Bataille

Georges Bataille was born in Billom (Puy-de Dôme) in 1897 and died in Paris in 1962. He first stayed in Vézelay from March to October 1943, where he moved in with his partner Denise Rollin and her sick four-year-old son. He kept a house there for his former partner Sylvia Bataille and Jacques Lacan, who never moved there.

But Diane de Beauharnais Kotchoubey, sticking a pin in the map, came to stay there for a short time. By chance, Kotchoubey read Bataille's L'Expérience intérieure, which staggered her. But it took Denise Rollin's husband (who came to Vézelay to visit his son) to introduce Kotchoubey to Bataille, and the couple returned to Vézelay between 1945 and 1949 and remained in a couple until Bataille's death.

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