19 June 2018

Suzanne Citron in Montjustin, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (04)

I can't see the name Suzanne Citron (1922–2018) mentioned here, although she is buried here next to her husband Pierre Citron (1919–2010). She was born in Ars-sur-Moselle, died in Paris, and was a noted historian. She spent the last weeks of the internment camp in Drancy before it was liberated in June 1944. Her unpublished doctoral thesis was titled 'Aux origines de la Société des professeurs d'histoire : la réforme de 1902 et le développement du corporatisme dans l'enseignement secondaire (1902-1914)'. She is perhaps best remembered for her book Le Mythe national : l'histoire de France en question (1987; revised with the sub-title 'l'histoire de France revisitée in 2008 and 2017). It has been called a reference work 'which deconstructs the historiographical and ideological strata on which the scholarly legend of the Third Republic was built.'

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