19 June 2018

Serge Fiorio in Montjustin, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (04)

The end of last year, Céreste (04) had an exhibition in which three cultural personalities from tiny Montjustin were highlighted: Serge Fiorio, Lucien Jacques, and Lucienne Desnoues. Serge Fiorio (1911–2011), who was born in Vallorbe, Switzerland, and died in Viens, Vaucluse, was a painter of Italian origin. In adolescence he drew and painted pictures of quarry workers. His father was a cousin of Jean Giono, of whom Fiorio drew an important portrait in 1934. Serge Fiorio spent 64 years of his long life in tiny Montjustin, and was friendly with Jean Mogin and his wife Lucienne Desnoues. A friend of Lucien Jacques, Fiorio started his life in Montjustin in 1947. Serge Fiorio's grave is in one of the tiny cemeteries in Montjustin.

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LOMBARD André. said...

Merci d'avoir mentionné Serge !
Je lui consacre un blog depuis janvier 2014: sergefiorio.canalblog.com

Bien cordialement.
St-Laurent 84750 VIENS.
04 90 75 24 60

Dr Tony Shaw said...

Merci pour ce commentaire André, et je trouve votre blog fort intéressant ! Bien cordialement, Tony