8 June 2018

Batisto Bonnet in Bellegarde, Gard (30)

Batisto Bonnet (1844–1925) was a Provençal writer born in Bellegarde in 1844 who died in Nîmes in 1925. Alphonse Daudet translated some of his work into French, such as Vie d'enfant.

10 rue du château, Bellegarde, where Batisto Bonnet was born.

Batisto Bonnet's grave in the cemetery outside Bellegarde village, which mentions his Félibrige name 'Brisquimi', and that of his dog Barbason. It also mentions that he is the co-founder of the félibrige de Paris.

Fittingly, there is also a street in Bellegarde named after Alphonse Daudet.

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