13 November 2015

Paris 2015: Père-Lachaise Columbarium #2: Alain Pacadis


Although Alain Pacadis's Un jeune homme chic only scraped into Frédéric Beigbeder's highly idiosyncratic one hundred books at number 99, Beigbeder calls it 'a cult book by the greatest punk critic in the universe'. It is also Pacadis's only book as such, although a collection of his articles was published in 2005 by Denoël: Nightclubbing : Articles 1973-1986. Beigbeder claims that the suicide of his mother threw Pacadis into existential anguish, the world of hard drugs and dandyism, and adds that the homosexual heroin lover would probably have died of AIDS if he hadn't requested his transsexual lover to strangle him.

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