13 November 2015

Paris 2015: Cimetière de Bougival #1: Émile Richebourg

1833 – 1898'

Émile Richebourg is now virtually forgotten, although he was once a very popular writer. His novels were serialised in Le Petit Journal and Gambetta's La Petite République and both publications benefited greatly from his contributions. Richebourg – who was born into a modest family – earned a considerable amount of money from his novels, which seem to have been particularly welcomed by women. He told Émile Zola that he was the great literary novelist, whereas Richebourg was the great popular novelist. He lived with his wife in Bougival on the Route de La Celle St Cloud, in a house which he named 'La Charmeuse' after his novel Andréa la charmeuse.

He wrote a great number novels, including Les Amours de village, Les Millions de Monsieur Joramie, La Fille maudite, La Dame en noir, Jean Loup and Coeurs de femmes.

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