29 November 2015

Paris 2015: Cimetière de Vaugirard, 15e arrondissement #2: Marius-Ary Leblond

Marius-Ary Leblond won the Goncourt in 1909 for the novel En France, the story of Claude Mavel from La Réunion, but now in Paris and having problems adapting to the changed environment. The name Marius-Ary Leblond in fact conceals two cousins from La Réunion: Marius Leblond (1880–1953) – or Georges Athénas, and Ary Leblond (also called Aimé Merlo) (1877–1958).

And of course they moved to Paris, where they wrote many works together. In 1911 they created a museum in La Réunion which in 1918 was called le musée Léon-Dierx, and in 1934 Ary became conservator of the Musée de la France d’Outre-Mer in Paris.

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